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Top DIY Demolition Tips 

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Taking out your jackhammer to concrete or tearing out a wall can be a good stress reliever. Yes, you can do the demolitions and break things yourself. However, doing this intensive labor-work yourself is not easy peasy, but will surely help you save a lot of money of course. But always keep in mind that safety is always the most important part of any renovations, demolitions and constructions.  

Demolition Tips

So, before you start on breaking things you must consider the following tips to keep you on track and help you stay safe on your DIY demolition projects. 

Cutting studs 

You should watch out for plumbing pipes and electrical cable in doing this. Cut through the wall studs fast. Make a pass using circular saw first, at its deepest blade setting then you need to finish the cut using the recip saw. The circular saw actually quickly preforms bulk of the cutting it acts as a guide for the recip blade running level, when you get close in to the plywood ease up the pressure as your blade tip may kick back. 

Snip reinforcement Wire 

Snip reinforcement wire in concrete through wire mesh in order to separate chunk of concrete. The best tool in doing this job is bolt cutter, also please avoid using a wire cutter. 

Cut It up Using a Circular Saw 

Pry bars, reciprocating saws and sledgehammers are not the only demolitions heroes on the job site. Actually, your circular saw can also be used for a lot more than just cutting sheets of plywood and studs. Fixed with the right blade the circular saw can also cut up tin, roofing, rebar, concrete, fiber cement, and steel doors.  Also, with a demo blade it can cut nail-embedded debris. 

Pull Drywall Screws with a Pry Bar 

Every time you pull drywall from your wall, usually the screws stay in the studs. Unscrewing using a drill is in fact not the most competent way in removing them it is because the head of the screw are frequently deteriorated and full of drywall mud. You can use a pry bar or a hammer claw in pulling them out just how you would do with the nails.  

Cut-Off Nails on the Plates 

After you have bashed the studs out, with the use of a reciprocating saw cut out the nails that held them. Even though you are not planning to recycle the plates it is a good way to avoid accident in stepping on a nail. Also, you need to make sure you are using a bi-metal saw blade, it will slice right through the nails. 

Cover a concrete slab 

When breaking a concrete slab you can stop those flying chunks of shrapnel using a sheet of plastic. Sharp chunks of concrete can actually break windows, damage siding, and it is a real chore to clean up. 

These are only few of those things you can consider in doing you DIY demolition but if you are in Chicago and your projects is too tough to go DIY, there are plenty of Chicago commercial demolition company that you can reach out for help. 

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