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How to Maintain Your Siding

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Maintaining your home siding is very essential. It is an easy method to prevent dry rot, water damage and leaks, as well as maintains optimum health of your siding. Just like any of your property which gets weathered when not properly maintained, your siding will start to wear. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take in order to keep your home or business siding long lasting and beautiful. Your home’s curb appeal with a good-looking and clean appearance will increase while your siding will endure. The following are some of the steps and tips you need to take for you to have healthy and long- lasting siding:

Vinyl Siding Installation

1. Cleaning

It all depends on whether you have stone, vinyl or any other siding, there are a bit different maintenance approaches you may take. For instance, vinyl siding must be cleaned with water on a regular basis. In addition to that, you may also clean it with a cleaning agent for vinyl every ten years. It will definitely bring back the shine and luster, making it appear new once more. It also removes residue and dirt, keeping everything clean without using bleach. You should make sure to consult first to a professional siding specialist about cleaning before you make a move and consult a qualified vinyl siding installation service provider.

2. Removing Potential Elements that can Scratch or Damage Your Siding

It is extremely vital to keep all vines, plants, shrubs and trees trimmed away from the siding. If not correctly controlled, branches and twigs can start to tear or damage your siding as time passes by because of friction. Any breaches in the exterior portion of your siding will make your home vulnerable to damage. As a matter of fact, damaged siding allows problems such as mold fester as well as dry rot.

Furthermore, you must also be aware of things around your property or in your yard which has the possibility to become airborne during strong windy climate. Those things can actually damage your siding and fly into your home or building during an extreme weather condition. You should always protect these things if you see that the weather is severe.

3. Painting

The last maintenance step, yet optional, is painting. After the first installation process, you can repaint your siding. Certainly, vinyl material can be painted, too. A new paint will keep your siding look new and fresh. However, painting your siding is not a magic fix, a cure-all nor a long-term solution. The same hazards exist whether your siding is painted. Consider painting for aesthetic purposes only after other repair and maintenance routines have been done.

Fixing one issue while letting another one happens is often never as efficient as fixing both issues at once. You will not have to be concerned about the winter drafts, rattling windows or interior frost obscuring your outdoor view. You will actually be relieved to not have to look at faded paint, missing shingles or dry rot and stains. Instead, you will see a new and fresh appearance.

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